Chippewa Brass and Aluminum Foundry has been making quality castings since 1953 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.


The foundry was started in 1953 by Anton Kahlen to make parts for W.S. Darley, a local fire truck manufacturer.  Anton was a native of Denmark who worked in South America before moving to the United States.  While in South America one of his many jobs was in a foundry.  When he moved to Chippewa Falls he went to work for W.S. Darley.  With his foundry experience, he decided to start a foundry to supply W.S. Darley with castings for their fire trucks.  He hired a co-worker's son, Earl Melville, to help him build the building and start the foundry.  After 9 years, Anton wanted to retire and sold the business to Earl.  The business has been owned by the Melville family since that time.  We still supply castings to W.S. Darley, but have expanded to supply castings to a wide variety businesses nationwide.