Chippewa Brass and Aluminum Foundry can reproduce almost any piece that you using brass, bronze or aluminum.

Here's a list of some of the items that we have reproduced:

  • Antique Car Parts
  • Boat Parts
  • Tractor Parts
  • Antique toys


We use two techniques to reproduce your piece in metal: loose molding and lost PLAS process.

Loose molding is a process where your piece is used as the pattern and sand is packed around your piece in two halves.  Your piece is removed and a gate is added for metal to flow into the cavity.

The Lost PLAS process requires a 3-D model to be printed of your piece.  The model is placed in chemically bonded sand.  The sand is allowed to cure and then it is to remove the PLAS.  Finally the void left from the melted PLAS is filled with metal.

PLAS form before and after casting in bronze

PLAS form before and after casting in bronze

Typical Costs

Costs will vary from piece to piece due to complexity and metal used. As a general guideline, one of a kind items will price between $100 and $200.